Shri Bajrang Alliance Limited is being recognized as one of the largest Structural Rolling Mill in the state of Chhattisgarh spread over 6.5 acres of land. The products of the Bajrang Alliance are a model for other rolling mills in the country. Bajrang Alliance plays on important role in the National effort to build a strong and self-reliant industrial base. Bajrang Alliance has been commissioned by adopting the most modern and advanced technology. It involves systematic application of latest machinery and techniques to develop high quality end-products. The Board of Directors of Bajrang Alliance are well qualified and have commendable experience with sound financial back ground and good market reputation.

Bajrang Alliance has employed technically qualified, well experienced and trained engineering professionals who are well-versed with the concepts of productivity and quality-control. Bajrang Alliance even imparts in-house training to un-skilled personnel from time to time.

Shri Bajrang Alliance Limited has an annual rolling capacity of 46,000 M.T, This project has been designed and installed by expert project engineers and possesses the following key hardware.

Shri Bajrang Alliance Limited has adopted the most modern and advanced technological know-how installing sophisticated machines. The furnace is oil-Fired with two zones re-heating system. The most important idea of energy consumption is being made by putting Ceramic wool and also equipped with heat recovery recuperated resulting in fast heating. lower fuel consumption as well as penetrating heat up to the core of bloom and billets. The Furnace is so designed that the heat energy is being utilized at its maximum to control cost of production so as to meet the Temperature all through the process is being maintained as per specification to obtain consistant quality.

Roller tables, Tilting Tables, Shifting Tables, etc. are installed to minimize the period of operation in process. These ultra modern installations in the Mill take only 55 second to produce end-product maintaining temperature as per specification for getting streamlined quality.